Future events

IFR World show dates

2020 :                             North Macedonia (postponed from May to October 2020 because of COVID-19 pandemy)

2021 :                             France (15 - 16 May 2021)

2022 :                             The Netherlands

IFR Worldchampionship dates

2020 :                             Postponed because of COVID-19 pandemy

2021 :                             Hungary : Tuesday 05.10.2021 - Saturday 09.10.2021

2022 :                             France

2023 :                             Czech Republik.

Judge's Seminar

All too often we hear from our specialized judges that our beloved breed worldwide shows an evolution and this unfortunately not always in a positive way. 

Meeting of Breed Wardens

The IFR will organize Meeting of Breed Wardens (= not breeders but the persons who are responsible for breeding matters for their national IFR-Memberclubs) and sees this a one of its most important instruments, moreover one whose organization is even imposed by the IFR-Constitution :